Working From Home – Do You Have A Whisper Cat?

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OK, I know that you think I’ve totally gone off my rocker now – but give me a little time to explain!  I promise that it will make sense!

I just finished reading a book about a woman and her whisper horse. Her whisper horse would listen to the heroine’s problems or whatever she needed to talk through with someone.  Many times, it’s so much easier to talk with someone who can listen intently to what you have to say and know that they won’t judge you.

It hit me that my tabby cat, Missy, is just like that!  I share all kinds of things with her!  Many times it has to do with what I may be working on – it may be the frustrations about something that I’m trying to get accomplished – there’s just so many things that I talk to her about during the day.  And, she is a tremendous listener!  Missy knows when I say her name and she will cock her head to the side like she understands every word that I’m saying.  

And, animals are very intuitive!  Missy seems to know when I’m a little out of sorts about something and will stay close.  She seems to sense that I need someone to talk to.  Someone to just sort out whatever may be jumbled up in my mind!

Many times I just need to talk something through to come to a decision or a conclusion.   I may not want to talk it out with another human – just talk it out in my own mind.  Saying it out loud to my cat does seem to help!

If you are working from home – you still need mentors and people that you interact with.  But, many times you just need to bend an ear of someone who won’t get you off in another direction.  And, my whisper cat does just that.  She is a great listener and a great friend!

Do you have an animal that you converse with?


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